CNET Columnist Ponders Hulu Headlines Stream

In the wake of rapid-fire news reports suggesting that Yahoo! is interested in buying streaming hub and that the TV show website has hired investment banks to broker a sale, CNET media columnist Greg Sandoval (pictured) asks the rhetorical question – “Is Hulu News Being Leaked to Jack Up the Sale Price?” Writes Sandoval:

All these stories hitting at one time (head scratch), what are the odds?

Well, the odds are long, maybe too long to be a coincidence. What is much more likely is that one of Hulu’s studio backers or some other interested party is orchestrating the news blitz to drive up interest in Hulu.

Sandoval suggests that the real point of all this is that those pulling the PR strings are trying to tell AOL and Google that they shouldn’t let a piddly little rival like Yahoo! snare one of the few Internet video platforms that has a real shot at making a profit.

He also runs down the current pros and cons of Hulu as a business. In the case of the latter, his most astute point is that “there are no guarantees that once Hulu is out of the [studio] founders’ hands, they will continue to provide content to the service.”