CMOs Cautiously Optimistic about Social Media Marketing ROI

This is a big vote of confidence from decision-makers ... but they still have some serious work to do.

A whopping 82 percent of chief marketing officers see the ROI potential in social media, according to the latest research by MarketingSherpa. Only 20 percent see it as “producing a measurable ROI”, however, and feel that it’s worth continuing to “invest in this tactic.” Sixty-two percent, on the other hand, consider it a “promising tactic that will eventually produce ROI.” This group sees it as prudent to invest conservatively.

Interestingly, only 3 percent believe that “social marketing is unlikely to produce ROI” and sees no reason to invest. The remainder, 13 percent, considers social media marketing to be essentially free and feels it best to “keep it that way.”

The 62 percent catches my attention. Part of what this group needs to do is look at social media marketing in a different way. Instead of seeing it as a vehicle for community management or communication, more effort needs to be invested in lead cultivation, analytics and ultimately conversion.

The top marketing honchos around the market see social media as beneficial. Now, the bulk that sees its potential needs to figure out how to realize it.