Clyfford Still Museum Opens in Denver

(Photos: Raul J. Garcia)

For the past few years, we’ve been telling anyone who would listen about Denver’s imminent Clyfford Still Museum, designed by Brad Cloepfil and Allied Works Architecture. The frequent response: “Who’s Clyfford Still?” Exactly! On Friday, the museum opened its doors and commenced reacquainting the public with the life and work of the late artist (meanwhile, earlier this month at Sotheby’s, one of his canvases fetched $61.7 million, a record for the persnickety Abstract Expressionist). The majority of the museum’s approximately 2,400 paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures—a mind-boggling 94% of Still’s total creative output—has never been on display, and the inaugural exhibition fills the nine second-floor galleries with 110 works (including the only three Still sculptures in existence). The show “aims to redefine our grasp of Still’s vision in both its scope and sustained intensity—highlighting his extraordinary use of color, draftsmanship, gesture, figuration, serial, procedures, and scale,” said adjunct curator David Anfam in a statement issued by the museum. Stay tuned for further reports on the cantilevered concrete marvel after we visit next month, and get a feel for the 28,500-square-foot museum in this virtual tour: