Pitch ‘Girlfriend Commentary’ to Clutch

Digital magazine Clutch prides itself on providing information and community for African-American young women. And, with 90 percent of its content penned by outside contributors, the freelance-friendly site is looking for pitches from the readers who know it best.

“We love having voices of people who actually read the site, from actual Clutchettes,” said founder and editorial director Deanna Sutton.

Fresh off a redesign that focuses on one feature daily, the site has grown by leaps and bounds, but Sutton said she’s still very attuned to what will appeal to her target audience. ” I know I can’t talk about Kim Kardashian. I know I can’t talk about [model] Amber Rose. There are certain topics that are going to cause a fight if we try to go there.” So, Clutch focuses instead on the 1,000,000,001 other subjects that are relevant to readers’ lives.

For more details and editors’ contact information, read How To Pitch: Clutch.

Andrea Hackett

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