Clusterize prepares ‘smart’ event discovery platform for Android


Event-planning apps have become all the rage on mobile devices, with another option, Clusterize, joining the growing genre. Clusterize shares a similar goal to most event apps, as it aims to help users find events near them, including those their friends are attending.

The Clusterize platform goes one step further however, with an artificial learning system that works to present only the most interesting events to users, based on their previous interactions with the app, like their friendships.

Clusterize offers Facebook connectivity for seeing events friends are attending, but instead of focusing on every event, from every individual friend, users are encouraged to follow their closest friends for more relevant event listings.

“Users are tired of invites to events on Facebook they don’t really care about. Facebook thinks that if a certain friend invites you to go somewhere, that’s already relevant to you. But, if you have over a hundred friends like most people, that’s not really the case. So you get bombarded with lots of spam,” said Clusterize co-founder Dimitar Nikolov.

In addition to Facebook connectivity, users can browse events based on categories, like dancing, community or education, and can search for events closest to them. Events are listed with start and end times, guest lists and the ability to say “maybe” to an invitation if you’re just not sure.

Even with these features, Clusterize remains similar to other event discovery apps. Nikolov tells us what makes it different.

“There’s lots of great competitive apps out there who are also trying to change the way people discover events. But they’re not really doing that good at categorizing and recommending the most relevant events to their users. This is where Clusterize’s artificial intelligence algorithm kicks in.

“It automatically sorts events in categories with over 95% accuracy anywhere in the world and decides which ones are the most interesting individually to each user by looking at the way they interact with the app. Clusterize gets smarter and more accurate each time people use it.”

Clusterize is supported by $40,000 in seed funding from European investment fund Launchub, and is in closed beta testing in the US and Western Europe. The platform will go live on Android by the end of June 2014, and will be released for iOS this fall. A web version is also in development.