Clubbyclub Lets You Create an Exclusive Social Network

Granted that a social networking site has to be freely open for all, there are still some online users who are a bit hesitant to join an online social network due to various fears. Or more specifically, fear of getting attacked in what ever form by strangers. Would a social network made exclusive for you and people you now actually be called a social network? Should a social network be exclusive to a certain group of people? Apparently new web 2.0 service, Clubbyclub thinks so.

In brief, Clubbyclub is a free online platform that lets you create an online community EXCLUSIVELY and PRIVATELY for the use of specific group of people. This means that the social network that you are going to great would be available only to those people you will invite to join.

One thing that comes to mind when I encountered Clubbyclub is another similar, yet non web 2.0ish service – email Groups. Although of course, we all know that if you say social network, the interface has got to be online, on a web page. With your Clubbyclub social network you can quickly and safely share pictures, videos and messages to your respective members.

For those who have been raring to try out the social networking phenomenon but are hesitant to join MySpace, Facebook and the others, Clubbyclub may actually appeal to you.

Clubbyclub is a pretty simple and yet sleek social networking service. Once you’ve created an account, you are instantly given your own hosted social network where you can start inviting friends to join you. You can also quickly upload photos and videos, and post messages.

One thing that it lacks though is a customization facility which would allow you to change the appearance of your social network. We’re hoping such functionality will be introduced soon. What’s the low down? The site is running Google Adsense on the right sidebar. Which is alright for me, since the site is pretty young and would need all the funding it could get.

So, finally you can have safe social network with only your real friends as your members.