CloudMagic Searches Tweets And Other Services From One Screen

Ever wish you could search across multiple services at once? We mean having the ability to check your tweets and Twitter DMs, gmail, calendar and other related services by entering your search query just once?

CloudMagic lets you do just that!

If you’ve ever wanted to follow up on an old DM or tweet and spent countless minutes searching only to give up out of sheer frustration, prepare to cry happy tears. CloudMagic searches tweets and DMs and a bunch of other services you would likely want to search – and it does it all from one screen.

For example, say I wanted to search my DMs for all the folks sending me TrueTwit requests, so I can unfollow them. I just type in my search criteria and viola!

Or maybe I need to know when I had/have upcoming dentist appointments, and can’t remember if I saved these appointments in my Calendar or if I emailed myself a reminder? I just enter “dentist” and it will pull all instances of items containing my search criteria from connected services!

Here are your connection options:

And there are just a slew of neat search options:

It’s also available as a free app in iTunes, so you can take it with you.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

(Search image from Shutterstock)