Closed Chelsea Art Museum Opens for a Day to Host Marchesa Show


We were just browsing through some of the coverage of the just-wrapped Fashion Week when something caught our eye, though not having anything to do with clothes at all. The label Marchesa showed their new collection on Wednesday and as we were reading about it and taking a look at the dresses, we noticed where the show was being held: the Chelsea Art Museum. Wait a minute. Didn’t that shut down (at least temporarily) in the middle of August? Checking their site, yep, they’ve announced that they plan to remain closed until mid-October, after they’ve “engaged a restructuring process” and performed “some retooling not just to stay healthy but to thrive.” So while they’re doing all of this restructuring and retooling, it looks like they decided to make a few extra bucks along the way and open as a temporary fashion venue. Granted, the check they received likely won’t cover the $13 million they owe their creditors, but it’s possibly a good sign that at least they’re thinking of any revenue generators they can grab. Forget seeing anything of the museum, as it’s all curtains and clothes, but for a look at Marchesa’s new spring line debuted at the Chelsea, here’s a good slideshow.