Cloak Anti-Social App Uses Your Location to Help You Avoid Others

The nature of social networking often tries to enhance our social lives, but most of the time, that falls short of bringing about desirable social gatherings. Conversely, there are some users who are actually anti-social, and would like nothing better than avoiding the right kind of people some of the time, or possibly, all of the time at all costs. Now, that option is finally emerging in this screen568x568Cloak app, and it’s also free.

Cloak is like incognito mode for the digitally connected, but it goes one step further – it helps you to avoid people, especially yoru ex or just arch nemesis. Now, you can find their location on Cloak’s anti-social mapping. For now, the app only includes Instagram and Foursquare. If you have enemies, you might want to encourage them to use those apps, otherwise, you can always wait until Facebook is added.


Cloak scrapes Instagram and Foursquare to let you know where all your friends, “friends,” and nonfriends are at all times so you never have to run into that special someone. Think of it as the antisocial network.

We’ll be adding more social networks and features in the future, so hold tight and remain on red alert.

*Why isn’t Twitter included as a service?!?! Well, the location data just isn’t there. Most users have it turned off and even when it’s on, it’s quite vague.