Clive Davis Spices Up Nightline

The lede adorning Cynthia McFadden’s companion Web piece for her Nightline interview says it all: “Clive Davis is a force of nature.” Indeed, and still going strong at age 80.

As part of the publicity outreach for his new autobiography The Soundtrack of My Life, written with Anthony DeCurtis and out today, Davis spoke to McFadden from various locations, including his famed bungalow HQ on the grounds of the Beverly Hills Hotel. He is extremely frank, in the interview and book’s last chapter, about his intimate relationships with both men and women.

The extensive coverage today at People, Vibe and elsewhere about Davis’ bisexuality is another huge step forward for LGBT tolerance. Davis has chosen to keep the name of his current male partner out of the book, but the chief creative officer for Sony Music deserves more applause for adding himself into the discussion as a powerful role model.

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