Clive Cussler Expects More eBooks To Come

Out of about 40 titles, thriller novelist Clive Cussler only has about 10 books in eBook format. Still Cussler thinks he’ll have more in the future. “There will be many more,” he said today in a panel at Thrillerfest. “I firmly believe that young people grow up on the computer and some day pages will be extinct.”
Cussler said the eBook is nothing for authors to be afraid of. “This is the way it is going to go, it won’t hurt the authors,” he said. “Agents can still get a decent deal.”
Cussler also pointed out the ease the eBook offer consumers who are traveling. He said that eBook readers are good for traveling because you can bring more books with you and they are lighter. For an author that spends his 4-5 months between books scuba diving on the seven seas, he ought to know.