Clippit: Share Clips from Your Favorite Shows with Friends

ClippitSocial sharing app Clippit has launched on iOS and Android devices, giving users a quick and easy way to share clips from live TV with their friends in the app, or on Facebook and Twitter. The platform allows users to browse popular clips, or create their own from the shows currently airing across a variety of networks.

With Clippit, users can browse or search for a show currently airing on popular networks, from TLC and MTV to PBS and Cartoon Network, with more hopefully added soon. After tapping on a show, users are shown a slideshow of images, and can scroll until they’ve found the portion of the show they’d like to highlight. Users can then fine-tune their clip, dragging the start and end points to the right moment, thanks to hold-to-zoom functionality for precise editing. The app supports created clips of up to 30 seconds in length.

If users let go of the controls, the app previews the selected portion, complete with audio, so users can ensure the clip is correct. When the clip is finished, users can give it a description and hashtags, and organize it with similar clips in the proper category (food, sports, action, comedy, and so on). From there, they can share the content with the Clippit community, or post the clip out to Facebook and/or Twitter.

When browsing clips within the app, users can “Like” and comment on clips, or “Reclip” content to their own feed, like they would retweet something on Twitter. A discover feature allows users to browse clips based on category, and users can search for a specific hashtag to find the content that’s most interesting to them. Finally, users can follow others with similar tastes, or who simply create entertaining clips.

“With Clippit, the viewer is in control,” says Jim Long, CEO of Didja, in a statement. “Viewers are already sharing fun and memorable clips during their favorite programs, football games, award shows, TV premieres, and more through low resolution methods like recording their TV with their phone’s camera. The Clippit tool offers an easier way to capture live TV and maintain the professional quality of the programming as well as other content owner benefits.”

Clippit is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The app is the first product from parent company Didja, which is backed by $10 million in seed funding.