Clinton Spokesperson Provides Stupid Answers for BuzzFeed’s Stupid Questions

During a speech on Monday, Hillary Clinton mentioned how she hadn’t driven a car since 1996. A political editor at BuzzFeed thought this comment opened the door to send several stupid follow-up questions to Clinton’s spokesperson, Philippe Reines. Reines then rightfully shot back answers that matched BuzzFeed’s inanity.

Here are some of the questions that BuzzFeed felt were relevant:

  • Has she ever bought something on the Internet?
  • Has she ever eaten Chipotle?
  • Has she used Facebook?

An answer to all of those could be “It doesn’t matter, but from now on we’ll reference these questions the next time BuzzFeed begs for people to take it seriously.” However, Reines was feeling a bit more creative, so he answered some of the questions with specific dates and times, and some with links to things like a bull taking a sh*t.

We applaud Reines’ responses, yet we can’t help but wonder: What would’ve real answers looked like in gif form?