Clinton Library to Get More Green


It’s too bad there’s that writer’s strike going on right now, because we can see the foundations of a late night talk show joke buried in here somewhere: the AP is reporting that the Clinton Library is getting more earthy, now planning to have its upper half converted into a “green roof.”

Over the past two weeks, workers have been hoisting 90 species of plants and more than four truckloads of soil atop the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum to create a garden on an area surrounding Clinton’s penthouse apartment.

Instead of bare concrete, the glass and steel building will be topped with strawberries, ferns, switch grass, roses and other greenery.

The way we see the joke going is for the soon-to-be-built Bush Library to go in the opposite direction, with smokestacks and a baby seal clubbing center on top. But we’re not joke writers and no one is writing any at the moment anyway, so goodbye fair concept, float away forever.