Clinton Emails: Fox News Shows ‘Need at Least One Sane Realistic Voice’

Cause FNC needed more reasons to dislike Hillary.

Yep, we’re doing this people. So, hold on to your butts

Ever since the latest round of Hillary Clinton‘s emails was released Tuesday night, political journos have been scouring through 3,000 pages of the former Secretary of State’s emails to find anything that could be considered newsworthy.

Well, they definitely found one thing that won’t make the people at Fox News any more friendly toward her than they already are (h/t TVNewser’s Mark Joyella).

In a email conversation between Clinton and family friend, Marty Torrey, back in 2009, Clinton was asked whether she had seen Harold Naughton, a Massachusetts state representative, appear on FNC earlier that day:

“You may not have caught our friend Hank on Fox News at 6:15 AM today. He did a great job on the issue of troop requirements in Afghanistan and the controversy w/ VP v General opinions on troop needs. Spoke with Hank yesterday. He was characteristically a ‘cool hand’ this morning in what I think was his national media ‘debut’. Hope all is well. Best, Marty.”

“Yeah for Hank! Maybe he will become a regular,” replied Clinton. “Those shows need at least one sane realistic voice.”

Torrey replied, “Yep, especially certain Fox personalities.”

Shots fired.