Clinton Delivers a Stiff ‘Right Across’


AdAge had coverage late yesterday of the news that perhaps one of the most famous crossword puzzle players in the world, Bill Clinton, will be designing the May 6th crossword puzzle in the New York Times. Well, “will be designing” is probably way off the mark there. He’s writing the clues for the crossword and then someone else, who knows how to do such a thing (Will Shortz perhaps), will do the complicated stuff. We thought this was all pretty cool until we read about what the theme of the puzzle would be: Baby Boomers. That made us roll our eyes a few times. Really, there isn’t some better subject to pick than a group that likes talking about itself to no end? Though maybe that’s just our perception of things (and apologies for any Boomers out there who don’t talk about yourself and your people to no end — for the rest of you, hey, look behind you! Isn’t that a Dennis Hopper insurance commercial?! [sound of us running away]).