East Coast Media Starts Catching Up to ‘Way Too Inconvenient a Truth’

This particular LA Times opinion piece was published July 21. Under the headline “The World’s Biggest Problem: Too Many People,” biologists Mary Ellen Harte and Anne Ehrlich took a look at the egregious lack of media attention paid to one of the key parts of the global climate change equation: unsustainable population growth. Even NPR, they argued, had barely scratched the surface of this topic in recent years, with the number of stories clearly mentioning this aspect of climate change countable on the fingers of a single, sweaty, summer-of-2011 hand.

For more than a week, no media outlet picked up on this provocative piece. But today, both the The Atlantic Wire and New Hampshire newspaper The Keene Sentinel have finally got the daisy-chain ball rolling. Thanks to the former, expect more pick-up to follow.

Meanwhile, FishbowlLA is stunned that at press time, there are zero online comments to the LA Times Op Ed piece. Unless something was-is wrong with the reader feedback mechanism for this page, the people of LA have been asleep at the Web wheel.

And where are the right-wing media thumpers? This summertime-and-the-procreating-is-easy Op Ed has got everything: the despised LA Times, an opportunity to re-slam Al Gore, and a tie-in by the authors to the click-tastic realm of Planned Parenthood.

Maybe next time, the LA Times should consider a headline like “Experts Warn Lady Gaga Against Having Kids”.