Cligs Hacker Brings More than 2M Links to OC Register Blog

Jonathan Lasner writes a column and blog on real estate for the Orange County Register, but when his paper started the sOCial sunday blog, it’s doubtful that he expected it to take up more than 2.1 million Internet links worth of real estate. Here’s how it happened.

Cligs, an online service that shortens URLs and tracks clicks, was a hacking victim during the weekend of June 13-14, and more than 2.1 million shortened URLs brought unsuspecting Web surfers straight to Kevin Sablan‘s sOCial Sunday post about Twitter chats.

According to The Blog of Cligs, the final tallies were: 2,188,978 URLs edited by the attack; 2,180,484 restored as a result of the company’s backup; and 161,232 (or about 7%) not part of the backup but redirected to the Cligs site.

Cligs creator Pierre Far told Sablan the exploited security hole was patched, new Cligs are not vulnerable, and the Cligs edit function, which may have been the hacker’s method of entry, was temporarily disabled.

Far added that the launch of a new, faster, more secure version of Cligs is under way.