(Updated) Media Watchdog’s Anti-‘Gay Conservative’ Column Riles Right, Left

Political media types caught up with a week-old, anti-gay column published by Accuracy In Media columnist Cliff Kincaid after it was tweeted out by The Daily Beast‘s Michael C. Moynihan Tuesday night. “Holy crazy,” Moynihan wrote in the tweet, accompanied by a link to the piece.

Kincaid’s column is chock full of gems. For example, it says there’s “no such thing as a ‘gay conservative.'” There is, however, a “homosexual movement that has its roots in Marxism and is characterized by anti-Americanism and hatred of Christian values.” Also, the “decriminalization” of homosexuality is a “monster” that “wants to impose itself on our children in the schools and even the Boy Scouts of America.” (Or maybe it just wants to scout boys. There’s a difference, Cliff.)

It’s a rambly piece wherein the term “gay blood” is coined, and were it not for Moynihan, it would have remained largely unread. But it sparked a flame with both conservatives, liberals and mainstream journalists alike.

“Hows that reform working out fer ya GOP?” tweeted Rolling Stone national affairs reporter Tim Dickinson. “Why do the most bat shit insane conservatives run ‘media watchdog’ groups?” said Bloomberg View‘s Josh Barro.

Conservative blogger Gabriel Malor, who is gay, saw the humor…

“We’re coming to get you all. Be afraid,” he tweeted. Chris Barron, co-founder of the gay conservative (“gay conservative” for Kincaid) group GOProud followed up, “Accuracy In Media is welcomed as a CPAC co-sponsor after this vile column. Tell me again about civility, Al Cardenas?”

GOProud has been barred from sponsoring CPAC. Cardenas is head of the American Conservative Union, which produces CPAC.

Republican media consultant Rick Wilson called Kincaid’s column “stupid and shameful.” The Week‘s Tom Rogan called it “The dumbest thing I’ve read this month.”

“The CPAC/gay conservative debate has reached the ultimate level of accidental self-parody,” tweeted Yahoo! News‘ Chris Moody.

We’ve requested comment from Accuracy In Media’s media relations person. Namely, did they mean to publish that column? No word yet.

Update: Accuracy in Media Chairman Don Irvine writes in: “Like many organizations, AIM has a staff that represents more than one viewpoint on various issues. We allow our people to express themselves as they like. We all share the same general conservative philosophy, but not necessarily on every specific issue. Cliff Kincaid is a longtime, valuable part of the AIM team. My personal view on this is irrelevant. That being said, Accuracy in Media does not agree with his assertion that it is impossible to be both gay and conservative.”