Clients Are People Too!


It’s easy to complain about clients because it’s been easy to complain about people who have some level of authority over you your whole life. From your parents (“You don’t understand me, man!”) to teachers (“You don’t understand me, man!”) to even random men (“Man, you don’t understand me, man!”). If someone can say to you, “I don’t really like this and this. Can you change it?” even if it’s in the nicest, sweetest possible way, it’s a possibility you are going to resent them for it because a) you are brilliant, b) everything you do is brilliant, and c) you don’t care if this person just gave you two weeks and $20k to be creative. But for all that complaining that comes easy, there’s a good question in this “What do you wish your clients knew?” post. Granted, it’s received only a couple of replies thus far, but we hope it’ll get more, because it’s something to think about. Do you have a relationship with your client that’s strong enough to talk to them about what bugs you? Instead of complaining, would doing some of that old fashion talking help? We don’t know any answers to anything, but we hope to maybe see some good discussion firing up there shortly. Go! Now! Do it!