Clicker Suggests TV Shows Based On Facebook Profiles

Internet television guide Clicker has partnered with Facebook to suggest what to watch based on your profile and those of your friends.

The Internet television guide Clicker has partnered with Facebook. Tapping into the social graph and profile data enables sharper suggestions of what shows to watch.

The Clicker site appears to make good use of Facebook Connect to immediately welcome you to the site as soon as you’re logged in.

If you go there from the television guide’s page on the social network, you’ll remain logged in. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to do so in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Clicker’s home page is suggesting I might like to watch “The Cosby Show.” Before I tell you whether I’ve even watched a full episode of the show, it’s time to make a disclosure. I’ve long ag0 stripped down my profile in order to reduce the amount of ad targeting flashed at me on Facebook. Not a thing appears in any of the “favorites” fields, so Clicker has to look at my friends’ favorites.

While I was busy making this disclosure, I see that the featured show on Clicker has changed to “The Big Bang Theory.” Again, the site tells me who else likes it.

Below the personalized suggestion, I see “Clicker Staff Picks,” and scrolling down shows me a bunch more based on what those employees are watching. I’d love to know whether those show up for visitors whose Facebook profiles list favorite forms of entertainment.

On a side note, my Visual Bookshelf profile on Facebook includes many books that have become television series. Since Clicker isn’t suggesting that I watch “True Blood,” I have the suspicion that the recommendations are based only on the information listed in the “favorites” fields on profiles.

What do you think of Clicker and the suggestions it offers you? How well do they reflect your interests and those of your friends?