Twitter Adds Clickable Links To Tweets As You’re Writing Them

Have you noticed something new happening as you type your tweets out on

It’s one of those features you would have missed if it wasn’t pointed out. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The LA Times reported today that Twitter “has begun to instantly highlight and turn words, such as handles and hashtags [and website URLs], into hyperlinks as users type them out in tweets written on the social network’s website.”

This means that when a user writes out their handle, hashtags, URLs or stock tickers, Twitter will instantly highlight the text to indicate that they are linked and clickable.

So when you’re logged on to you can do it one of two ways.

1) From your home screen:

2) By selecting “Compose New Tweet” on the top right of your screen:


Additionally, The Times says you can “right click on highlighted words” in the draft tweet and right click to open the links in a new tab or window (whatever applies to your browser). Were we not able to do this before though? Thought we could, but adding that note just in case it’s really a new feature as well.

How do we know any of this even really new? “Twitter confirmed the new feature to The Times on Tuesday evening.” We told you it was a change you’d likely miss!

But FYI – this new feature won’t work on mobile apps yet. We will let you know when it does!

(Thumbs up image from Shutterstock)

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