Click Bait: Venezuelan Buttock Injections Kill

The Atlantic reported yesterday that Venezuelan women are at a high risk of falling victim to post-surgical health complications regarding busted silicone implants. To date, scores of women have had to deal with the consequences of damaging their silicone buttock enlargement injections, which sometimes results in death. Venezuelan women will get silicone buttock injections to appear more attractive to Venezuelan men, who, generally speaking, aren’t “boob guys” to say the least. According to freelance foreign correspondent Alasdair Baverstock currently stationed in Venezuela, it isn’t uncommon for a teenage girl in Venezuela to receive these injections as a birthday present from their parents on their 15th birthday.  An estimated 30 percent of Venezuelan women, ages 18 to 50, are believed to have undergone this procedure with zero regard for the possible complications that may follow them and their newly enlarged butts. These complications have claimed the lives of 17 Venezuelan women over the past year, even though the procedure has been outlawed in Venezuela and the sale of silicone can cost one up to two years in prison. This hasn’t stopped the demand for big ol’ booties in the country and many still go under the needle, but only through illegal, unlicensed avenues, and just for the average price of $8! Check out Baverstock’s article to learn more about the Venezuelan obsession with beauty, and then start up a cause to help save these women from these dangerous ticking time-butts.