CleverCards, WOOFipedia team to deliver doggy digital cards


The American Kennel Club announced today a partnership with CleverCards, enabling all WOOFipedia community members the ability to transform their dog photos into digital and printed greeting cards.

The partnership gives CleverCards access to millions of dog lovers, while at the same time, provides WOOFipedia members the ability to turn content they are already uploading on a daily basis into shareable keepsakes that can be delivered either physically or through Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, AKC members will have special WOOFipedia-branded card designs, and will also have access to exclusive CleverCard contests and sweepstakes.

“This well-matched partnership brings together two sentimentally-charged services and repackages them for a very targeted, passionate community,” said Nick Ruotolo, Chief Marketing Officer at Cleverbug, via press release. “WOOFipedia in itself is a smart, solid offering, and by partnering with us, they’re able to reach users in a new channel, and on a deeply emotional level — something many of today’s content marketers are trying to achieve. This inaugural partnership will serve as a great baseline for brands aiming to reach customers in new ways, and we’re thrilled to see dog lovers blaze the trail for our next phase of brand-building and customer acquisition.”

“The American Kennel Club launched WOOFipedia with the goal of using the social web to reach a new generation of dog owners through engaging, educational and fun content,” said Chris Walker, AVP Social Media and Communications at the American Kennel Club. “With CleverCards, we’ve struck a brilliant balance of informative and compelling content and activities that will help new owners build strong skills with their dog and its specific breed, and commemorate every moment.”

Check out some of the sample CleverCard/WOOFipedia card designs for an example of some of the new designs headed to dog lovers worldwide.