Cleverbug App Sends Real Birthday Cards Using Facebook Photos

Cleverbug is a truly clever app that will help maintain real world relationships by sending physical birthday cards to Facebook friends. The app creates a personalized store of cards that uses images from your photos (or your friend’s photos) and sends them to your recipient via snail mail for $2.99 plus the cost of stamps.

Facebook integration is key for Cleverbug, but it also means great benefits for Facebook users.  Most users would probably enjoy a physical birthday card rather than a message on an imaginary “wall” that lives only in the digital domain. In years past, I had actually turned off my birthday privacy so that my wall would not be artificially inundated with half-hearted birthday wishes, but this app makes having Facebook birthdays feel more genuine.

The best part of the app is the personalized card feature, which allows you to finally use your Facebook photos for personal gain. You can also use your personal photos from your camera roll, but if a friend of a friend snapped an amazing photo that your recipient has been using as a profile image, Cleverbug will use its intelligent algorithms to create a card for you to choose from. As the app develops, I would like to see improvement on the card designs and perhaps some user generated graphics that can be created from inside the store.