ClearWire Spot Router: Personal (WiFi) Hotspot Accessories Are Hot!

Looks like personal WiFi Hotspot routers is a hot category at CTIA this year. However, this one doesn’t come from a wireless phone company. Instead, it comes from Clearwire which provides a WiMax wireless broadband service in parts of the U.S.
Clearwire Transforms Wi-Fi Devices with the CLEAR((TM)) Spot Personal Hotspot Accessory
The router itself costs $139. However, you also need a $49 Clear USB Modem which inserted into the Clearwire Spot Router. Clearwire says that wireless broadband service can be purchased without long term contracts. Access can be purchased in units as small as a single day ($10). Monthly service for up to 1.5Mbps downstream speed is available starting at $29.99 per month.
More information about the ClearWire Spot Router can be found at: