Clearspring Doubles Growth with Acquisition of AddThis

After acquiring AddThis last year, Clearspring set out to grow its own web presence and make its media-sharing tools as accessible as possible to social media users across the globe. We’ve received an update from Clearspring, following up on its acquisition. So far, the follow-up looks good, and provides an encouraging look at Clearpring’s swift integration of the AddThis distribution platform for sharing web content.

Clearspring cites the April comScore report showing a great deal of growth, reaching over half a billion people. That’s up from the 200 million web users Clearspring reached prior to the acquisition of AddThis, more than doubling its web presence.

The company achieved this growth by combining the sharing capabilities of AddThis with those already found on Clearspring. What started out as a widget company has quickly grown with the changing trends of the web and has become an entire distribution platform for transporting pieces of media to different areas of the web, and enabling users to experience those peices of media remotely. It’s a concept to which Clearspring has always been dedicated, and the acquisition itself reflects Clearspring’s ability to keep up with undulating attitudes of media distribution and redistribution on the web.

To that end, Clearspring has made some updates to the site, rewriting the AddThis JavaScript client and adding in-depth documentation along with support mechanisims to better aide developers that use its APIs and client services. Additionally, Clearsprings analytics infrastructure has been added to the AddThis reporting function, giving developers a broader understanding of user behavior and areas of their implementation that need tweaking.

A major priority for Clearspring is to provide AddThis as a one-stop shop for developers that want to “enable sharing beyond links.” This is yet another core concept for Clearspring, as it has spent the past few years building out its own advertising and analytlics platform, appealing to a wide range of developers and clients. Layering in these functions for the AddThis integration seems like a smart move, as it improves the value of AddThis and allows Clearspring to grow vertically with its client-facing feature set.

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