Clearly Canadian Keeps Momentum Going With Extended Fan-Based Campaign

The company knows how to thank true believers.

clearly canadian - Google SearchLast week I wrote a love letter of sorts to Clearly Canadian, a beverage brand that accompanied my father and myself on countless summer excursions–whether we were lugging sheep to 4-H fairs, making the trek to Maine for vacation, or checking on one of his job sites, Blackberry Clearly Canadian awaited us in our cooler.

Since that post was published, it’s become abundantly clear that I am far from the only person rejoicing over the return of the bubbly beverage, and now the brand has come up with a way to keep the fan-driven momentum going.

The initial pre-order campaign, which promised the drinks would go back into production once 25,000 cases had been ordered, came to a successful close earlier this month when the company announced that it had received enough support to stage a comeback.

But as word spread about Clearly Canadian’s return, the company received thousands of emails and tweets from fans who wanted to get in on the pre-order action, a company representative told PRNewser.

 “We’ve heard you loud and clear,” the brand says on its campaign website.

As of today, the pre-order campaign has been extended by fifteen days, but with an extra incentive. Not only can fans be among the first to receive their long-lost treat before it’s available in stores, but if the new stretch goal of 250,000 backers is reached by the end of the fifteen day period, the company will let its fans pick a fifth flavor, adding to the classic lineup of Wild Cherry, Mountain Blackberry, Orchard Peach and Country Raspberry.

“Clearly owes its entire turnaround to our fans and community,” explained CEO Robert Khan in a release. “Without their support and pre-orders, Clearly Canadian would not be here today.

And while pre-orders will be fulfilled in August and are expected to be delivered in the first few days of September, the company is hoping that this extended campaign will help expedite production and get the beverages on store shelves as soon as possible (and for good). As of now, the company is shooting for a retail rollout in 2016.

Meanwhile, those of us waiting on baited breath will have to make it through a few more summer months drinking other, lesser beverages; there may be lemonade in this glass, sweet Blackberry Clearly Canadian, but know I’m thinking of you…