Clear to Debut ‘Tree-Free’ Magazine

“Clear is the new green,” proclaims the cover of the November/December issue of Clear, the fashion and design magazine that you may know best as the one with the clear cover. As it amps up to a bimonthly publication schedule, Clear has published a 100% tree free and fully recyclable issue (yes, even that nifty clear cover). The secret? It’s printed on synthetic papers made by YUPO. Waterproof, stain resistant, and durable, YUPO’s paper is actually a category 5 polypropylene plastic film and contains no timber or organic fiber of any kind. When you’re done reading it, simply toss it in the recycling with your empty bottles of soda (or “pop,” as they call it in Royal Oak, Michigan, where Clear is headquartered). As for what’s on those plastic pages, the “fame underground”-themed issue of Clear includes an exclusive interview with Belgian artist Arne Quinze about his new U.S. installation as well as features on ultra-hot Studio Dror, notoriusly camera-shy designer Martin Margiela, and the geographical border-blurring furniture of Arik Ben Simhon. The issue will premiere next week at Design Miami, so be sure to clear space in your carry-on.