Cleaning Up with Pitts and Desks

Autodesk, the company who makes all that software that architects use, is getting their green on by being one of the main sponsors of a new documentary series on PBS called design e&sup2. Narrated by Brad Pitt, Hollywood’s resident architect-enthusiast, the six part series will show ways of building that don’t damage the environment, or at least won’t keep wrecking it once the thing is built. The show looks just absolutely beautifully shot. Sort of like a more pretty Errol Morris. Autodesk has also launched a new corresponding site, called The Sustainability Center. All of it is terrific looking, great to use, and we hope it has some effect. Because, hey, not everyone digs Al Gore, but who can pass up a chance to hear the dulcimer tones emitted by Brad Pitt? That’ll get you darn energy-devouring suckers to watch!