THR Goes for Dodgers Quadruple Play

In support of Daniel Miller’s splashy cover story and Ed Desser’s team media rights sidebar in the August 17 print issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Janice Min’s operation has opted for four different hard-copy covers. They depict (left to right, below): Cy Young winning pitcher Clayton Kershaw; minority stakeholders Magic Johnson and Peter Guber; Tommy Lasorda alongside current manager Don Mattingly; and marquee stars Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.

A spokesperson for THR tells FishbowlLA that the four different issues are being randomly distributed to print subscribers and fully stocked at newsstands. In the latter case, it’s up to the newsstand operator whether the issues are displayed side-by-side or stacked together in the same single pile. Online, Dodger collectors can order the full set here, for four-times $5.99, beginning tomorrow.

There are in fact a half-dozen total sidebars accompanying the Miller piece, including “5 Ways Larry King Would Fix the Dodgers.” While the team is doing a pretty well in that department so far, LK ends his list with a suggestion that will amount to heresy for many Chavez Ravine regulars:

King is a fan of organ music and has tired of prerecorded music and the clips shown on the video screen. “The kiss cam – I’ve had enough of that already.”