Clay Aiken Works the New York Room

ClayAikenCampaignLogoAmerican Idol alum Clay Aiken is currently trailing North Carolina 2nd District Congressional opponent Renee Ellmers in an area that matters most: money available to burn.

Per Vocativ’s Mike Spies, a campaign fundraiser was held Monday at the Manhattan home of banker Donald Dye. The best part of Spies’ write-up are the various strands of seen-and-heard:

The guests are uniformly attractive and svelte, almost a parody of chic. I step out onto a porch and encounter Guto Bittencourt, a young Brazilian opera singer wearing thick-framed glasses, a skinny tie and a gray blazer. He’s talking to a blond woman who looks like Ivanka Trump.

“We were at this castle last week,” Bittencourt says. “It was amazing.”

Another man steps outside. “Did you hear who was at the party here last week?” he asks. “Miss Universe 2008.”

That last reference sent FishbowlNY directly to Google Search, where we read up on Dayanna Mendoza. The Caracas native was spirited into modeling at a very young age and is now, in her late 20s, angling for a new line of work:

About a year ago, she began taking classes on interior design to help refine her skills. Whenever she enters a room she cannot contain her sudden urge to start rearranging furniture and suggesting color palettes.

We can only assume then that the September 15 Dyer-Aiken event had the added benefit of some recently added Venezuelan feng shui.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.