Week-Old Daily Caller Social Media Editor (and Gangsta Expert) Will Live Another Day

The Head Editor In Charge of The Daily Caller has spoken. Clark Hennessy, the brand spanking new Social Media Editor for the publication, ran into an online snarl Thursday when he tweeted something about RNC Chairman Reince Priebus being the HNIC (you can Google it).

Hennessy, a New Zealander who arrived to the pub a week ago and mans the DC‘s Twitter feed, quickly deleted the tweet. But not fast enough as it was retweeted 141 times. And soon the uptight Twitterati went wild, thick with outrage over his gangsta tweet and accusing the young man and The Daily Caller of being racist. Hennessy tried to remedy the situation by tweeting what he wrote again and replacing “HNIC” with “boss.” Good thinking! He also expressed regret: “Apologies for the earlier tweet, clearly been listening to too much Fashawn.”

A journalist soon emailed us, saying, “Whatever you do, don’t do a Twitter search (search.twitter.com) for ‘HNIC’ and ‘DailyCaller.'”

We hear the newsroom went a bit haywire yesterday amid the controversy, and that Hennessy was spotted in the office of Publisher Neil Patel. Some feared he may get the axe. But whatever the talking-to amounted to couldn’t have been that bad. Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson told FishbowlDC this morning that Hennessy will not lose his job over this. “As for yesterday’s tweet, it was a reference to a song by Fashawn and not a racist attack on Reince Priebus, whom I don’t even think is black. Still, given the reaction on Twitter and the current standards on accidentally offensive speech, we have executed the employee who wrote it.”

Uh oh. Whah?

We jokingly asked for memorial service details and Carlson replied, “First we have to notify his family that their son committed a capital sensitive offense.”

Hennessy now joins The Daily Caller‘s Neil Munro Club for Journalists who become near household names in the Washington media bubble through one preposterously bold act. As everyone knows, Munro, their White House Correspondent, interrupted President Obama with a question during a Rose Garden speech.

Some pointed to Hennessy’s foreigner status for his thought process. A Washington journo surmised, “It appears his knowledge of cultural norms in America have been obtained from U.S. hip-hop music he has listened to over the last 5 years.”

Whatever the case, just for kicks we think he should wear this hat around the office.

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