Clarity Partners LP Acquires Majority Interest In Modern Luxury Media

From the release (Modern Luxury owns DC magazine):

    Clarity Partners LP, (“Clarity”) one of the nation’s leading media-focused private equity funds, has acquired a controlling interest in Modern Luxury Media, LLC, (“Modern Luxury”) the nation’s largest publisher of luxury city-regional magazines. Clarity, a Los Angeles-based communications and media-focused private equity firm with over $1 billion under management, is the lead investor in the new ownership group that includes co-investment from Lehman Brothers and various debt financing elements from Credit Suisse and NewStar Financial.

    Specific terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the deal is valued at several hundred million dollars. Clarity acquired its stake from Shamrock Capital, a media-focused fund also based in Los Angeles and founded by Roy E. Disney, which invested in Modern Luxury in 2004 for $50 million. The entire Modern Luxury management team, led by Michael Kong, Stephen Kong and John Carroll will remain with the Company.

Will this affect DC Magazine at all?