‘Clam Chowder Wars’ Spark NYT Reader Woes

Sometimes, the perils of posting a New York Times Magazine piece three-five days ahead of the print bundle hardly seem worth it.

Case in po(in)t: “The Clam Chowder Wars.” About an hour ago, article author Sam Sifton chimed in to the comments as follows:


A number of early, hungry readers were none too amused with the fact that the recipe links at the bottom for The Best Clam Chowder, Rhode Island Clam Chowder and Manhattan Clam Chowder looped them to a ‘NY Times Cooking Beta Test’ page and recipe for Spiced Salt Baked Shrimp. No doubt, more than a few whispers of the Grey Lady Web staff being “chowderheads” were uttered.

But all is clam-tastic now. Along the way, there was also this amusing double-typo comment from Georgia’s Winemaster2:

There is not much in these articles and your recipes, you do not have to go to NYT cooking site. Try Googling Clam Showder and you will find much batter info. And recipes.