CityVille Approaches FarmVille on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by MAU

For only the second time in Facebook’s history, a game is threatening to break past 50 million players. Zynga’s new title CityVille has burst upward to its present size of 47.9 million monthly active users in less than three weeks, easily leading this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU.

There are a number of factors contributing to CityVille’s growth, including strong cross-promotion, international users and moving third-party app notifications back to the top menu bar earlier in the month. We’ve covered these as the game progressed, with our latest post on the subject this morning at Inside Social Games. Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week

1. CityVille47,926,318+25,872,767+117%
2. My Year In Status13,545,803+4,563,995+51%
3. Zuma Blitz4,813,322+3,820,088+385%
4. Causes21,108,958+3,434,729+19%
5. Badoo8,153,512+2,533,146+45%
6. Merry Christmas To All My Friends 🙂2,021,352+1,936,028+2,269%
7. @Hearts9,389,284+1,342,499+17%
8. @Hugs10,244,784+1,312,409+15%
9. FarmVille56,315,680+1,276,909+2%
10. @Smiles10,480,081+1,145,949+12%
11. JibJab5,442,987+1,050,656+24%
12. Merry Christmas | Feliz Navidad1,513,190+984,614+186%
13. Monster Galaxy1,371,509+924,177+207%
14. My Year In Photos1,105,943+877,594+384%
15. Give Hearts14,596,531+864,343+6%
16. Frases Diarias11,509,640+758,006+7%
17. phrases 4 fun4,443,265+730,784+20%
18. Christmas – Natale – Navidad – Noel1,008,761+722,826+253%
19. Texas HoldEm Poker 34,347,919+656,578+2%
20. City of Wonder8,282,207+629,893+8%

Regular readers will note that the gains are a bit higher than normal across the board. Some of that is a surge in use of wall posting and gifting apps around Christmas, but the other half is likely the same third-party notification change that’s helping CityVille.

My Year In Status is making hay with the holiday, even more so than last year, when it topped seven million MAU. That makes sense, of course, Facebook being twice the size it was at that point. It’s followed by Popcap’s newest game, Zuma Blitz, which is a pretty significant growth story in itself.

Causes has been up and down in recent months; this week it has an impressive gain of 3.4 million MAU. Dating app Badoo, meanwhile, is doing quite well, and has a quite respectable stickiness to go with its MAU growth, showing about 13 percent of its total user count coming back as daily active users.

The top 10 is mostly completed by various @Apps titles, including @Hearts, @Hugs and @Smiles. In the last week, @Apps has gained over three million MAU, leaving it ready to break through 30 million total.