Cityville, Adele, McDonald’s, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

Zynga’s CityVille topped our list of the fastest-growing Facebook pages by the number of Likes, with a few other games making the top 20. Because the social network removed app profile pages on Feb. 1, many game pages were consolidated and had large single-day spikes.

Popular musicians also made the list, as well as several big brands, including Facebook, and then there were movie and TV pages. Pages on our list this week grew from between 673,400 to 19.2 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesTalking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. CityVille23,458,706273,759+1,608,482+19,298,405
2. UNO7,735,339395,531+476,720+2,158,107
3. Adele17,083,4301,343,622+192,895+1,220,282
4. Angry Birds14,762,8951,294,572+146,409+1,030,687
5. Facebook60,826,247956,145+41,155+861,203
6. Titanic15,296,868918,272+57,729+848,834
7. Will Smith26,207,769884,763+112,661+844,186
8. YouTube51,968,2191,010,651+40,580+837,998
9. Bingo Island Community868,99221,334+108,576+834,736
10. McDonald’s15,103,359815,391+32,590+778,953
11. Bruno Mars18,078,069978,311+99,417+749,882
12. Bingo!1,149,50512,448+118,227+724,815
13. Bob Marley35,795,038874,930+36,057+695,716
14. Google6,806,757717,064+99,895+695,499
15. Harry Potter40,762,375769,353+102,041+693,175
16. The Simpsons39,473,758750,440+91,447+679,609
17. Shakira45,815,943889,871+94,773+677,131
18. Rihanna50,835,991780,571+32,845+675,528
19. Coca-Cola38,610,079747,719+36,118+674,198
20. Shrek21,079,149692,753+94,338+673,379

CityVille grew by 19.2 million Likes. Other games on the list included: UNO, Angry Birds, Bingo Island Community and Bingo!

Popular musicians that made our list are either currently nominated for music awards, on tour, have hit songs, or in the case of Bob Marley recently had a birthday. Adele’s Page saw 1.2 million new Likes, while Bob Marley’s page saw 875,000. Musicians in between included: Will SmithBruno Mars, Shakira and Rihanna. There were popular brands on the list, too. Facebook itself, McDonald’s, which recently released a new product, and the ever popular Coca-Cola, which made a big advertising push around the Super Bowl.

Finally, movies that made our list included not new releases, but long popular films. “Titanic” with 848,800 Likes, “Harry Potter” With 693,200 Likes, “The Simpsons” and “Shrek” rounded out the list.