CityVille 2 sees population boom among fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU

Zynga’s CityVille 2 is once again on the top spot this week among the fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active user, bringing in 12.6 million MAU for a 1,575 percent gain.

Ruby Blast Adventures is also continuing to perform well with 4.2 million MAU, a 30 percent gain that allowed it to take the No. 2 spot.’s recently-launched Pet Rescue Saga was came in at No. 3 with a 227 percent gain of 2.5 million MAU. Social Point’s Dragon City snagged the No. 4 position with 900,000 MAU, a 7 percent gain. Plarium’s Stormfall: Age of War rounded out the top five games this week with 520,000 MAU, a 186 percent increase.

As the month is now in its latter half, the gain percentages are starting to shrink. Indeed: none of this week’s remaining gains were above 20 percent. Six games saw gains greater than 10 percent. Syntasia’s Baseball Heroes was up by 15 percent with 300,000 MAU. THX Games’ trivia title Saif Almarifa brought in 300,000 MAU for a 13 percent gain. Nekki’s free-running adventure Vector took in 200,000 MAU, a 15 percent gain. The final three games took in 200,000 MAU for an 11 percent increase: EA’s Jetset Secrets, Rebel Entertainment’s Dungeon Rampage and Halfbrick’s Jetpack Joyride.

1. CityVille 213,400,000+12,600,000+ 1,575%
2. Ruby Blast Adventures18,200,000+4,200,000+ 30%
3. Pet Rescue Saga3,600,000+2,500,000+ 227%
4. Dragon City14,700,000+900,000+ 7%
5. Stormfall: Age of War800,000+520,000+ 186%
6. Stick Run5,000,000+400,000+ 9%
7. Lost Bubble7,000,000+300,000+ 4%
8. Fruit Ninja Frenzy3,900,000+300,000+ 8%
9. Baseball Heroes2,300,000+300,000+ 15%
10. 8 Ball Pool5,800,000+300,000+ 5%
11. Saif Almarifa2,600,000+300,000+ 13%
12. Pool Live Tour10,200,000+300,000+ 3%
13. Vector1,500,000+200,000+ 15%
14. JetSet Secrets2,000,000+200,000+ 11%
15. Dungeon Rampage2,100,000+200,000+ 11%
16. Jetpack Joyride2,000,000+200,000+ 11%
17. Social Wars5,200,000+200,000+ 4%
18. Hoop De Loop Saga4,200,000+200,000+ 5%
19. Pyramid Solitaire Saga6,600,000+200,000+ 3%
20. ChefVille23,700,000+200,000+ 0.85%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataStay tuned for our look at the fastest-growing games by daily active users on Wednesday and top emerging apps on Friday.

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