CitySourced Apps to Report Civic Issues for Android, BlackBerry, & iPhone

A few acquaintences were discussing the road pothole problems in our area after a recent series of heavy rain storms. How, they wondered, could we effectively document the problem and communicate it the appropriate responsible government agencies? A quick search revealed an interesting service named CitySourced that provides a way to find and report civic issues around you. CitySourced provides free apps for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone to simplify the task of reporting noting and locating a problem. You can see one of the screens of the iPhone app here.

I haven’t tried the app or service yet. But, on the surface, it looks like an interesting avenue to pursue. That said, the iPhone app version’s customer ratings appear to indicate it has a few issues. of the 153 ratings for all versions, 40 are 5-star, 73 are 1-star, and near even split of votes in the 2, 3, and 4 star range (15, 12, and 13, respectively).

CitySourced 1.3.9 (iTunes App Store)