Citysearch Is All A-Twitter

CitysearchLogo.jpgCitysearch added Twitter tools for use by businesses on its sites, enabling those businesses to tweet directly through their Citysearch pages and to create Twitter accounts via Citysearch’s site, The New York TimesBits reported.

Citysearch will also incorporate tweets about businesses into those respective businesses’ Citysearch pages, according to Bits.

The relationship is not financial right now, but Citysearch senior vice president of publishing Kara Nortman told paidContent that could change, saying, “Down the road, we think about rolling out enhanced features—business owners could pull content out of tweets, for example, and highlight it on their page. But we’re focused on keeping everything free right now.”

Nortman told Bits, “We’re excited about it because it’s a step to demystify Twitter, to help small businesses get on from a site they’re comfortable with.”

UPDATE: Jenna Dawn posted on the Twitter Blog:

It’s not uncommon to stumble upon a store that encourages its customers to follow them on Twitter. Without even looking, I see this happening more and more, which says a lot about the wonderfully simple concept of doing business on Twitter.

Today, Citysearch has integrated Twitter into their service so local businesses can display tweets right within their Citysearch profile and customers viewing the profile can even Tweet back right from there. Potential customers can make smarter decisions with the fresh information being shared with them in real time, and businesses can manage closer connections with audiences across the Web.

Simplicity, along with the smart creations from third parties like Citysearch, is making it more than handy for businesses to have a presence on Twitter.