City of Wonder Hits the Top of This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Playdom has a new hit on its hands in the form of City of Wonder, a city sim that has pulled in millions of users in its 10 days of growth so far. The game leads this week’s AppData list of fast-growing Facebook games by daily active users.

It’s difficult to tell just yet how much of City of Wonder’s success is due to Disney’s marketing dollars, and how much can be attributed to the game itself. Today, we’re seeing a gain of 438,684 DAU; in a week or two, if those DAUs stick around, we’ll know that the game is standing on its own merits.

One note before the list: Facebook has changed its reporting formula for apps to stop counting likes and comments on stream content toward total users. The most affected category is mobile apps, though, so stats for games shouldn’t change too much.

Here’s the AppData top 20:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_114335335255741_9738 City of Wonder824,870+438,684+114%
2.Original FarmVille17,611,581+274,271+2%
3.Original Millionaire City1,294,695+169,201+15%
4.Original Nightclub City1,255,333+144,507+13%
5.App_2_256799621935_1837 Car Town793,697+103,130+15%
6.Original Pet Society2,490,160+86,598+4%
7.Original Kingdoms of Camelot773,238+69,188+10%
8.Original Ninja Saga882,690+68,624+8%
9.Original 開心 Lounge Bar319,743+68,225+27%
10.Original Bubble Island847,314+67,868+9%
11.Original Mall World879,190+63,192+8%
12.Original Backyard Monsters224,983+45,888+26%
13.App_2_108480199188341_1684 על כל הקופה81,942+43,251+112%
14.Original Wild Ones569,029+43,251+8%
15.Original Okey765,311+40,793+6%
16.Original Monster World467,710+40,281+9%
17.Original Top Eleven Football Manager77,810+38,814+100%
18.Original Bejeweled Blitz4,198,157+38,209+0.92%
19.Original Ninja Warz335,190+37,394+13%
20.Original Restaurant City2,584,937+34,764+1%

FarmVille comes in at number two, but with a caveat: the game hasn’t really gained any DAU, when considering a time span longer than a week. Several other large, older apps on the list are present for the same reason, including Pet Society and Ninja Saga.

Millionaire City, while a few months old now, has a better story. The Digital Chocolate city building game has kept up steady growth, just like several other strong niche offerings, like Nightclub City, which is the next game down, and Kingdoms of Camelot, which has taken nine full months to reach its current position. Bubble Island also fits in this general slow-burn category.

Car Town, about two months old, is still motoring along. The Cie Games title has been around long enough now for us to trust that its stickiness factor, or its DAU as a percentage of MAU, has really settled in at the 20 percent mark, where most successful games are; this one will probably also be around for a while.

One thing there’s not much of on this week’s list is new games — Car Town is about as close as it gets. However, we should have a whole crop on the Friday list of emerging games.