City of Buffalo Swoons Over Nicolai Ouroussoff’s NY Times Profile


We’ve never considered Buffalo, New York to be a small town. Or at least not in the same way we think of, say, Scottsbluff, Nebraska. But regardless, we found this story in The Buffalo News both folksy and charming. Entitled “Architecture Critic Finds Beauty in Buffalo,” it’s an entire piece on how the NY TimesNicolai Ouroussoff</b recently wrote a piece about their city and how great that is, that he came all that way and said such nice things about them. While certainly an interesting story and bravos to Ouroussoff for getting out of the big cities to prowl around the rest of the state, the tone of the whole article reads like unstoppable, teeming excitement (even the Mayor thinks it’s great!). We’re certainly not making fun, even though we’re usually chock full of city folk cynicism and sarcasm; we’re just thrilled to sometimes get a chance to see some real, honest to goodness civic pride. But wait a minute, wasn’t there a big story in the NY Times Magazine just a couple of months ago about how great and idea it is to move to Buffalo and save a bunch of money? Maybe we’ve just uncovering a big conspiracy here: they way we see it, the Times has invested all their money into Buffalo real estate and really wants people to make the move, helping it along all the while we these nice little profiles. Hmmm.