City Defends Awful Handling of Rosenbaum

District emergency officials yesterday defended their crews’ actions involving murdered NYT reporter David Rosenbaum. Chief Adrian H. Thompson said “appropriate” protocols were followed and that proper care was given–even though it took ambulance crews more than 20 minutes to reach Rosenbaum and it took nearly 50 minutes to get him to a hospital, where he then waited for over an hour before someone examined him. “At no time did he present symptoms or detectable injuries that would cause first responders to request the addition of advanced life support resources,” Thompson said in the statement.

That may very well be the case, but doesn’t it seem like the system must be broken somewhere if it took nearly two hours from the initial 911 call to determine that someone found lying disoriented in the street was the victim of a beating and mugging? Especially if today’s article is true, and even after a serious beating is discovered, police don’t arrive to canvass the area and cordon off the scene for another 12 hours?

That can’t be the best case scenario, even in a city run like Washington.