City Council Ignored Hazing Photos, LA Times Doesn’t Ask Why


Tucked away in a wee, small corner of a story on the Tennie Pierce hazing scandal and two time-servers in City Hall calling for the head of Fire Chief William Bamattre, is this intriguing statement:

On Monday, The Times was anonymously provided with a transcript of a June 21 closed session in which the council discussed the pending Pierce litigation. In that transcript, Deputy City Atty. Vibiana Andrade said that Pierce was a known prankster and that there were photos.

No member of the council followed with a question about photos and no one from the city attorney’s office again mentioned them.

Why no follow-ups? Were the delicate sensibilites of the City Council too shocked to allow any discussion?

FBLA wonders why the reporter didn’t ask any Council members about the photos and lack of questions. Silly us, we thought that was part of the gig.

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