City Builders and Strategy Do Well on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU

FrontierVille once again leads our weekly list of fastest-gaining Facebook games by monthly active users with two million new users, pushing it across the 20 million MAU mark, as Zynga took pains to announce on Thursday. However, the game still has a ways to go before it reaches 27 million MAU, which marked Zynga’s high point earlier this year with Treasure Isle.

From here it’s difficult to tell whether FrontierVille will reach that point, especially since Facebook is a few days behind on updating its stats; for the same reason, note that growth falsely appears a bit low this week. Here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Element Analyst Creator2,711,832+2,150,378+383.00
2.icon FrontierVille20,735,154+2,046,053+10.95
3.icon Millionaire City3,933,586+697,906+21.57
4.icon SuperFun Town!1,428,240+503,303+54.41
5.icon EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars4,892,926+464,796+10.50
6.icon Verdonia3,584,918+395,363+12.40
7.icon 建立你的測驗707,867+356,098+101.23
8.icon Kingdoms of Camelot3,030,739+315,516+11.62
9.icon Baking Life3,486,467+309,847+9.75
10.icon Hero World1,529,422+259,068+20.39
11.icon Fashion World2,339,798+256,728+12.32
12.icon Resort World1,373,899+250,385+22.29
13.icon Office Wars517,611+211,306+68.99
14.icon Fanglies268,063+204,378+320.92
15.icon Bejeweled Blitz10,786,832+201,446+1.90
16.icon Casino City904,293+194,022+27.32
17.icon Gift Creator4,601,094+190,675+4.32
18.icon 開心 Lounge Bar833,258+185,247+28.59
19.icon Horse Saga (renamed)719,454+172,702+31.59
20.icon Zoo Kingdom1,582,532+164,549+11.60

Millionaire City continues to grow, offering the promise of single-handedly making developer Digital Chocolate a major social gaming player. It’s now Facebook’s fourth-largest city building sim. Note that SuperFun Town!, the next app down with half a million new MAU, is in the same category.

EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars comes in at fourth, with decent growth and the answer to a question: yes, the soccer game can continue growing after the World Cup is over (the final match took place on July 11th).

It’s also interesting to see Verdonia and Kingdoms of Camelot coming in alongside each other — both are fairly intensive strategy games. We recently wrote more about the breakout of strategy on Facebook.

And at number eight, RockYou’s Hero World appears to be staging a comeback. It has a long climb ahead if it’s to reach previous heights, though; the app topped out in February with over seven million MAU.