Citrix Mobile Analytics Report analyzes impact of ads and social networking on mobile


Citrix has released its first Mobile Analytics Report for 2014, analyzing the way smartphone users engage with their devices throughout an average day, and how advertising plays a role. The report found 50 percent of smartphone users are served mobile ads, with one-in-twenty subscribers shown video ads. Even with the growth of mobile advertisements, mobile ads were shown to account for less than two percent of a user’s daily mobile data usage.

According to the report, social media has become increasingly visual, with 63 percent of social media being comprised of images, and 32 percent made up of videos. This heavy focus on videos is due to the popularity of not only sharing videos on Twitter and Facebook, but also on the use of Instagram, Vine, and YouTube apps.

Four out of every ten mobile consumers use their data on social networking sites, while just one in ten was shown to play network connected games. Newer games are using more data thanks to embedded videos, but 59 percent of consumers believe ads don’t count against their mobile data usage (though they do).

With the heavy use of video apps, consumers were shown to be dissatisfied with the speed of video buffering and the loading times of mobile websites. When a webpage takes five seconds to load, 33 percent of users may abandon the page. At ten seconds, the number increases to 54 percent, while 68 percent will abandon the site after waiting for 20 seconds. When watching videos, 57 percent of users blame their mobile operator when those videos stall.

Elsewhere, the report showed social networking, dating, adult, fitness and video apps are most often used in the evening, while finance and weather apps are used first thing in the morning, with peak usage at 8 AM. Shopping and news apps offer multiple peaks times, with users heavily engaged both in the morning and after work.

“The Mobile Analytics Report serves, in part, as an early warning system for mobile operators’ network, marketing and customer care organizations, providing insight into potential network pitfalls and opportunities to deliver exceptional subscriber experiences,” said Mark Davis, senior director of Product Marketing, Service Provider Platforms at Citrix.

“In many regions, consumers now expect wired-like performance on their mobile device and, when they don’t get that performance; their frustration is directed at the operator. But a great subscriber experience is just the start. Operators looking to transform their businesses need to understand data usage such as that detailed in the report, and find ways to translate that understanding into incremental revenue.”