Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee Recommends Improved Coin Design

If coins in the US suddenly become great looking over the next couple of years, know that you have the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee to thank. Unless you’re a collector or work in the industry, it’s likely you’ve never heard of the organization, but ever since 2003 when Congress put them in place to help advise the Secretary of the Treasury on any design proposals, they’ve been there trying to get the best looking coins into circulation. However, the Committee has apparently been unhappy of late, citing a number of recent coins they felt lacked any emotion or quality design, as well errors made in historical selections (e.g. using the wrong emblem for a coin honoring the Army). Following meetings this past fall, the Committee has drawn up three recommendations they’d like to see the Treasury and the US Mint put into practice:

  • Take the artistic design process out of the hands of the sales and marketing department and put it in the hands of an art director.
  • Create an environment for Mint artists that inspires creativity.
  • Integrate the roles of the CCAC and Commission of Fine Arts earlier in the design selection process.
  • The recommendations were sent late last week to the Secretary of the Treasury for review. Says the chairman of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, “If we really want excellence in coin design then we need to create an environment that fosters that.” We wish them the best of luck.