Citizen Journos Noticed by LA Times–BrooWaha Profiled


The LA Times has a story today about the compeititon–citizen journalists. FBLA’s Mayrav Saar revisits BrooWaha, the free-for-all news site created by Ariel Vardi, a 24 year old with a degree in computer science. When she first wrote about the site, readers voted on the pieces, but that social networking feature seems to be gone. And the contributors’ efforts are still uneven, as she mentions:

The site is heavy on opinion pieces — some containing the kinds of factual errors and belligerent soap boxing of standard-issue blogs. But there is also a story about the on-court etiquette of pickup basketball games in L.A. that sheds enough light on the topic to make a subculture seem accessible.

Some of the big guys, like Gannett and Reuters, are paying attention to these independent news sites. Reauters is looking for amateur photographers, which after their troubles with the professionals might be the best idea yet.

New Kid On the Block: Is BrooWaha The Answer to LA’s Newspaper Woes?