Cities, Cars, and Board Games Leading This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by DAU

Zynga’s CityVille is back on top of the charts in this week’s fastest growing games based on daily active users. Though the game has slightly dipped in daily traffic from its peak of 21,323,870, CityVille is now regaining those numbers and still growing rapidly according to AppData (our metrics service that tracks the leading games on Facebook). With a retention percentage of 22%, CityVille is a healthy player in the space as it has been acquiring players rapidly and holding onto them well.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille 21,270,241 +539,078 +3%
2. Mynet Çanak Okey 604,344 +137,178 +29%
3. Monopoly Millionaires 260,514 +132,165 +103%
4. Zuma Blitz 1,001,643 +111,964 +13%
5. Wild West Town 344,588 +93,639 +37%
6. 麻將-台灣麻將 91,013 +79,516 +692%
7. 德州撲克(中文版) 457,270 +74,445 +19%
8. YoVille 873,573 +73,895 +9%
9. 無限德州撲克 155,788 +66,328 +74%
10. Coins Dozer 61,078 +49,464 +426%
11. SNSplus 61,153 +49,186 +411%
12. Glory of Rome 168,606 +44,748 +36%
13. Komşu Çiftlik 595,989 +41,529 +7%
14. Habbo Hotel Brasil 66,318 +39,587 +148%
15. Gourmet Ranch 214,152 +38,531 +22%
16. Zoo World 520,665 +36,555 +8%
17. Slotomania – Slot Machines 187,683 +36,496 +24%
18. Poker Texas Boyaa 82,926 +35,482 +75%
19. Mighty Pirates 189,213 +35,414 +20%
20. Habbo Hotel España 130,194 +35,340 +37%

Also present near the top 20 growing games this week is YoVille, Zynga’s lightweight virtual world game. YoVille is Zynga’s 9th game in terms of overall traffic, and is the ninth fastest growing game overall this week based on DAU. We haven’t heard much from YoVille lately, as the two and a half year-old game has long since plateaued.

Car Town, the only title from Cie Games, has been in and out of our fastest growing game list. A number of decent advertising campaigns within the game from a variety of auto makers, together social mechanics built into the core game loop, has kept Car Town steadily hovering around 8 million MAU and 1.2 million DAU. When we reviewed Car Town last summer, we felt that it was a very good contender in the arsenal of virtual space decorating games. We enjoyed the competitive nature of racing our cars against our friends, and felt that the game’s road trip feature was an interesting new social element.

EA launched Monopoly Millionaires only a short month ago, but the game has already crossed over the 1 million MAU mark and has over 218,000 daily active players. As we noted in our closer look at the game last month, Monopoly Millionaires does manage to stay close to home when it comes to the Monopoly feel despite turning the competitive board game into a cooperative and social online game. In the last week, Monopoly Millionaires has almost doubled its DAU despite the game doing little marketing according to Sam Houston, the game’s Online Content Manager.