Citi Provides An App To Redeem Rewards At Best Buy

Image courtesy of Citi

Several credit card companies have reward programs, either for airline miles or points that you can collect and redeem to purchase items. The problem with the reward programs is that they usually require you to redeem them via a specific web site, and consequently are not of use when you are shopping in an actual store. Citi has released iOS and Android apps and a partnership with Best Buy that enable you purchase items and pick them up in Best Buy stores.

In order to use the apps you will need a Citi card that earns you ThankYou points and have set up an account to access the ThankYou rewards web site. Once in the app you can browse through Best Buy’s catalog of products, which shows how many points you need in order to redeem the product by adding them to your cart. If you are in a Best Buy you can scan a product bar code to find out how many ThankYou points it requires, and order the product.

Redeeming and acquiring products utilizes Best Buy’s in-store pick up feature. Basically, you are ordering the product online and then scheduling to pick up the product at a local Best Buy. If you are in a store and decide to will need to wait until it is available at the pick up counter, which in my experience may take as long as an hour.